This game is based off the world building exercise done by Rich Burlew. You can find his original discussion here. I have been a big fan of his work and fell in love with the campaign world he started so, unless he has issues with it, I’m using it.

For the backstory, click here.

As it stands right now:

The tipping point has been reached. 7 weeks ago, a comet appeared in the skies over Cambria. Universally heralded as an evil omen, the comet broke into pieces in the sky and rained destruction over the whole of Cambria.

In the aftermath of the Catastrophe, the balance of power has shifted. Redwater is slowly being crushed between the new breed of Raider attacks in the north and the steadily advancing armies of Fauchard in the south. Not content with outside threats, internal politics threaten to shatter Queen Katrionna’s domain into civil war. Fauchard has suddenly gone on the aggressive, annexing large swathes of territory from Redwater. Unkard has nearly doubled in population as refugees from all over the empire stream into its borders, taxing the clergy-run city’s capacity. Shipments of trade goods between the Dragonborn of Dharta to their allies, Vertland, have suddenly stopped, leaving the northern country vulnerable. Meanwhile, the Children of the Twelve have expanded their repertoire of attacks, striking in lands distant from their own.


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