• Baern the Whitebeard

    Baern the Whitebeard

    Baern is a soft-spoken dwarf whose gaze is intense and piercing, whose hair and beard are silvery-white, and who serves Sehanine, Goddess of the Moon.
  • Gudrun Gudlaugsdottir

    Gudrun Gudlaugsdottir

    Gudrun is a young naive dwarf, fiercely loyal to her family and to the Raven Queen.
  • Iluliaq


    Iluliaq (Ilu for short, since no one pronounces her name correctly) is a young woman hailing from among the Ayoo Tun’I of the northeastern shores. She is never seen without her artic wolf, Kaskae.
  • Talara Anderose

    Talara Anderose

    Talara is an attractive, quick thinking young woman with something dark in her past.
  • Toriel Calenlasse

    Toriel Calenlasse

    Toriel is a young elf who is seeking his place in the world.