Baern the Whitebeard

Baern is a soft-spoken dwarf whose gaze is intense and piercing, whose hair and beard are silvery-white, and who serves Sehanine, Goddess of the Moon.


Race: Dwarf
Class: Invoker
Level: 17
Experience: 86,830
Strength: 9
Constitution: 22
Dexterity: 11
Intelligence: 13
Wisdom: 22
Charisma: 13

Hp: 96, Bloodied: 48, Surge Value: 31, Healing Surges: 14
AC: 31, Fortitude: 28, Reflex: 23, Will: 28
Initiative: +11, Speed: 5
Passive Insight: 30, Passive Perception: 23
Resist Acid 10, Resist Cold 10, Resist Fire 10, Resist Lightning 10, Resist Radiant 5

Arcana: +9
Dungeoneering: +15
Endurance: +19
History: +14
Insight: +20
Intimidate: +16
Perception: +13
Religion: +14
Stealth: +9

Forgeborn Heritage: You gain the Elemental Legacy power. You also gain resist 3 to acid, cold, fire, and lightning damage.
Wrathful Resurgence: When you use Second Wind, you gain temporary hitpoints equal to half your healing surge value.
Ritual Caster: Bonus feat. You can understand and perform rituals of your level or lower.
Rod Expertise: You gain a +2 bonus to implement attack rolls with a rod. You gain a +1 shield bonus to AC and Reflex when wielding a Rod.
Silvery Glow: You gain a +3 feat bonus to damage rolls with cold and radiant powers.
Wrathful Outburst: When you use Armor of Wrath, you can target an additional enemy within the burst.
Superior Implement Proficiency – Lunar Apocalypse Rod: You are trained in the use of the Lunar Apocalypse Rod, a superior implement with the Energized (Radiant) and Empowered Crit properties.
Dwarven Durability: You gain two healing surges, and your healing surge value is increased by your Constitution modifer (+6).
Iron Hide Resilience: Your resistance from Forgeborn Heritage increases to 10.
Coordinated Explosion: Gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls with burst or blast powers that include an ally within the burst or blast.
Skill Power: You gain the Insightful Riposte skill power.

Racial Traits
Cast-Iron Stomach: +5 racial bonus to saving throws against poison.
Dwarven Resilience: You can use your second wind as a minor action instead of a standard action.
Dwarven Weapon Proficiency: You gain proficiency with the throwing hammer and the warhammer.
Encumbered Speed: You move at your normal speed even when it would normally be reduced by armor or a heavy load. Other effects that limit speed (such as difficult terrain or magical effects) affect you normally.
Stand Your Ground: When an effect forces you to move — through a pull, a push, or a slide — you can move 1 square less than the effect specifies. This means an effect that normally pulls, pushes, or slides a target 1 square does not force you to move unless you want to.
In addition, when an attack would knock you prone, you can immediately make a saving throw to avoid falling prone.

Class Features
Channel Divinity: Once per encounter, you can use a Channel Divinity power. You start with two Channel Divinity powers: Rebuke Undead and Armor of Wrath.
Divine Covenant – Covenant of Wrath: When you use a divine encounter or daily attack power on your turn, you gain a bonus to the damage roll equal to 1 for each enemy you attack with the power.
Ritual Casting: You gain the Ritual Caster feat as a bonus feat, allowing you to use magical rituals. You own a ritual book, and it contains two rituals you have mastered: Hand of Fate, Enchant Magic Item, Dark Light, Create Holy Water and Comprehend Language.
Once per day, you can use Hand of Fate without expending components.
Adept’s Action: When you spend an Action Point, until the start of your next turn, you gain a +2 bonus on attack rolls with divine powers, and can increase the size of your divine bursts or blasts by 1.
Silent Presence: You gain a +2 bonus on Stealth, Insight and Intimidate checks, a -2 penalty on Bluff and Diplomacy checks, and cannot be seen with blindsight or tremorsense.
Raised Voice: When you use a divine attack power, you can choose to raise your voice before you make any attack rolls for it. For that attack, you can score a critical hit on a roll of 19–20, and enemies take a -2 penalty to saving throws against the attack’s effects. However, you are dazed until the end of your next turn.

+3 Timelink Chainmail: Daily: No Action, reroll an Initiative roll.
+3 Amulet of Physical Resolve: +2 item bonus on saves vs poison, weakened, slowed, or immobilized.
+3 Rod of Obliterating Wrath: When an enemy’s resistance reduces the damage of one of your invoker powers, reduce that resistance by 3 until the end of your next turn. Daily: Minor action, gain a +2 power bonus on attack rolls with the next invoker power you use.
Ring of the Fallen: When you use your second wind, you regain 6 additional hit points. In addition, you regain 6 additional hit points for each healing surge you spend at the end of a short rest. Daily: Free Action, use during a short rest, you and your allies regain 7 additional hit points when you spend healing surges during that rest, or 20 additional hitpoints if you have reached at least one milestone today.
Ring of the Radiant Storm: When you hit an enemy with a lightning or radiant power and deal damage to it, you can roll the damage twice and use either result. Daily: Free Action. Trigger: You attack an enemy with an encounter lightning or radiant power and miss every target. Effect: You regain the use of the power. If you’ve reached at least one milestone today, a daily lightning or radiant power can trigger this power instead.
Bracelet of the Radiant Storm: You gain resist 5 radiant and resist 5 lightning.
Crown of the Brilliant Sun: When you hit an enemy with a lightning power, you can choose to deal radiant power instead.
Earthstomper Boots: Tremorsense 1.
Formidable Armor ??
2 Vials of Holy Water
Ritual Book
107 gp
0 gp worth of Divine Ritual Components

Carried Weight: 56 lbs.
Encumbrance Limit: 80/160 lbs.

Comprehend Language
Disenchant Magic Item
Enchant Magic Item
Hand of Fate
Dark Light
Create Holy Water
Beast Growth
Ancestral Whispers
Inquisitive’s Eyes
Lower Water
Object Reading
Dowsing Rod
Portend Weather
Iron Vigil
Speak with Nature
Commune with Nature
Speak with Dead
Water’s Gift
Consult Mystic Sages


Hand of Radiance: Targets 1, 2 or 3 creatures within Range 10. +19 vs Reflex: 1d4+18 radiant damage.
Avenging Light: Targets one creature within Range 10. +19 vs Fort: 1d10+18 radiant damage, or 1d10+24 radiant damage if a bloodied ally is adjacent to the target.

Rain of Blood: Targets all enemies within an Area burst 1 within 10 squares. +19 vs Fortitude: 1d6+9 damage, and the target is vulnerable 5 to all damage until the end of your next turn. Effect: Allies within the burst gain a +5 power bonus on attack rolls until the end of your next turn.
Admonishing Whisper: Targets all enemies within a Close burst 2. +19 vs Will: 3d6+9 damage, push the target 2 squares, and the target is deafened. If the target is pushed adjacent to a bloodied ally, the target is also dazed until the end of your next turn.
Deadly Doubt: Targets each enemy within a Close blast 5. +19 vs Will: 2d8+10 psychic damage. The next attack against the target before the end of your next turn gains a +6 power bonus to the attack roll. Additionally, if the target is hit again before the end of your next turn, it is dazed until the end of its next turn.
Astral Dust: Targets all enemies within a Close burst 3. +19 vs Reflex: 2d8+18 fire and radiant damage, and if the target doesn’t move away from you before the end of its next turn, it takes 5 fire and radiant damage and a -2 penalty on defenses until the end of your next turn.
Channel Divinity – Armor of Wrath: Immediate Reaction when an enemy within 5 squares hits you. Effect: That enemy and another within 5 squares takes 1d6+9 radiant damage and is pushed 2 squares.
Channel Divinity – Rebuke Undead: Targets each undead creature within a Close blast 5. +19 vs Will: 3d10+18 radiant damage, and push the target 2 squares and it is dazed until the end of your next turn. Miss: Half damage.

Lamentation of the Wicked: Targets each enemy within a Close burst 2. +19 vs Will: 2d8+9 psychic damage, and the target grants combat advantage and cannot shift (save ends both). Effect: Until the end of the encounter, when you or any ally within 5 squares of you attacks an enemy and has combat advantage against it, the attack deals extra damage equal to your Constitution modifier (+6).
Malediction of Rigidity: Minor action, Targets each creature within a Close blast 5. +19 vs Will: 1d8+9 damage, and the target takes ongoing 10 damage and is immobilized (save ends both). Miss: Half damage, and the target takes ongoing 5 damage and is slowed (save ends both). Effect: Baern is immobilized until the end of his next turn.
Eye of Dawn: Targets each enemy within an Area burst 2 within 10. +19 vs Fort: 4d6+9 radiant damage, and you teleport the target to any other space in or adjacent to the burst. Miss: Half damage, and you teleport the target 1 square. Effect: You teleport each ally in the burst to any other space in or adjacent to the burst.

Divine Call: Encounter Power, Minor Action. Targets one or two allies within 10. Effect: You pull each target 3 squares.
Demand Justice: Encounter Power, Immediate Interrupt. Trigger: A creature within 10 squares rolls a saving throw. Effect: The triggering creature rerolls the saving throw and must use the second result.
Enunciation: Daily Power, Minor Action. Effect: Until the end of your next turn, you can increase the size of your close blast or close burst attacks by 1.
Elemental Legacy: Encounter Power, Free Action. Trigger: You hit an enemy with an attack. Effect: Your attack deals an extra 6 acid, cold, fire or lightning damage to the enemy.
Restorative Word: Daily Power, Standard Action. Targets an ally within 1 square. Effect: The target can spend two healing surges and make a saving throw.
Blessing of the Storm: Daily Power, Immediate Interrupt. Trigger: You are damaged by an enemy’s attack. Effect: Gain 29 temporary hitpoints. The next attack you make deals lightning and thunder damage and if it hits the triggering enemy, that enemy is dazed (save ends).
Insightful Riposte: Encounter Power, Free Action. Trigger: You miss with an attack. Effect: You gain a +3 power bonus to the attack roll.


One might think that, of all the gods, Sehanine is the least likely to be worshipped by the dwarves. The Moon Goddess – and her portfolio of love, trickery, lies and secrets – isn’t the sort of deity one would expect to find worshipped among such an honest and straightforward race.

Except… dwarves are not known for sharing their emotions. They don’t believe in sharing their pain, their heartaches, their suffering. Their secrets. They seal them deep inside and bury them down deep. And if they need to let such things go, they whisper them in dark places. They whisper them in the depths of the mines, down among the bones of the earth. And they whisper them, as well, to the distant sky… and the moon floating amidst it. The “Farstone”, as they call it – and what better representation of dwarves distancing themselves from words that never need be spoken aloud, than the shining orb in the night sky, so far removed from the world below?

Oh, the dwarves certainly have far more use for other gods – the might of Kord, the mercantile craft of Avandra, the laws of Erathis, the harvest blessings of Pelor. But they know as well that there is a place for all gods, and though they may rarely mention her name, they honor her in their small ways. And occasionally a dwarf will come along who finds true devotion to her – and these priests are known as “Farstone Speakers,” though speaking is not what they do.

Rather… they listen. Advise. Grant their fellow dwarves one to whom they can confess their sins, their concerns, their fears, and in so doing, be freed of their burden. It is a rare calling, but also one worthy of great respect. But also… one who tends to stand alone. It is their duty to preserve the unity of the clans… and the unity of the families. Sehanine is the goddess of love, after all, and while it might not be dwarven nature to revel in outward displays of emotion… their love of family defines them to the core. The Farstone Speakers must be a part of every family, however… and of none. Only through this can they remain impartial and trusted, and free to carry the concerns of their people.

Farstone Speakers carry another burden of their own, as well – as keepers of ancient and secret lore. Ioun is obviously greatly honored among the dwarves, for they know well the value of knowledge. But they also know that some learning is not for the light of day… and this is entrusted to the servants of Sehanine, to keep and preserve – as well as seek out and contain.

Baern the Whitebeard is among these servants of Sehanine – but for all the rarity of Farstone Speakers, he is something rarer still. The power of the Moon Goddess is not just his to call upon, but a part of it, blazing through his lifesblood since the hour of his birth. Born with silvery-white hair – something only seen once every few generations among the dark-bearded dwarves – his path in life was set in stone.

His youth was spent in learning and in lore, and he wandered in his youth amongst all the dwarven clans, as well as the streets of Unkard… and he stepped into his proper role early in life, taking in his people’s whispered secrets and bearing their burden as his own.

But he has a greater path in life, and has always known it. Sehanine’s own whispers have echoed in his dreams. To walk the world and seek out hidden secrets and learn the truth of whispered lies. To confront those that cloth themselves in self-deception, or misuse the goddess’s gifts, or others who work dark deeds.

And those who stand against him will face a potent foe indeed. He can call forth the light of the moon itself from the divine power flowing through his veins. He can weave visions for his enemies of their deepest shames and sins, their most hidden secrets, that leave them shaking in terror and despair. And he knows terrible and ancient words of power, so potent that it would kill a normal man merely to speak them.

That power is apparent whenever he speaks. Though softspoken, his words have an undeniable force behind them. His silver eyes are deep and searching, piercing through the normal facades most people show to the world around him. And when roused to action, his words will leave even mighty warriors shaking at the sound…

He is a caretaker of his people, a preserver of the ancient lore, a servant of Sehanine, a bearer of secrets and a conduit for the divine power of the moon itself…

He is Bearn the Whitebeard.

Baern the Whitebeard

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