Dharta was the first province to break away from the Thrannish Empire during the rule of Royce the Quiet. Located on the southeastern penninsula, Dharta is populated by the dragonborn.

Social standing in Dharta is caste-based, with virtually no mobility between the castes. After successfully breaking away from the Empire, Dharta appointed a ruling council picked from the highest caste. The population is happy to be independent from Thrannish rule.

Region D on Map

Dharta is a land of sweltering jungles and swamps. Their northern border is the Bhabhar Mountains which give way almost immediately into the tropical rainforests that cover most of the peninsula.

Dharta has two seasons: wet and slightly less wet. Twice a year, monsoons blow in from the Ratnakara Sea, drenching the land. The rest of the year is still tropical, with daily squalls. The mean maximum temperature 93 °F and the mean minimum temperature is 70 °F. The humidity is high and rises to about 90% during the monsoon season.*


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