Fauchard is a mountainous area, rich in gemstones and mineral deposits. Originally ruled by the dwarves, Fauchard was assimilated into the Thrannish Empire when Garrick the Forger negotiated a mutual protection treaty with the dwarves against the dragonborn of Dharta.

Fauchard’s population is still mostly dwarven, though humans are gaining land there.

Fauchard’s capitol is Greycliff.

Region A on “Current Map”

Fauchard is mostly a high steppe that terminates into sharp cliffs towering a hundred feet over the Kinzig River in the north. Its southern border is marked by the Fulda River. Though Fauchard claims the narrow valley on the eastern side of the Dhartan Mountains, they have very little influence on the other side.

The steppe is covered by grasslands which can sustainably support herds of grazing animals. The original dwarven clans never had large-scale herding, preferring to keep only a few animals per family and stick closely to the mountains. After Fauchard’s inclusion in the Empire, humans began to settle the grasslands, but the soil is poor.

Fauchard’s climate is cold and fairly dry; most of the precipitation that does fall is in the form of hail or snow. The annual average temperature about 32 °F and roughly 5 °F average in winter and 68 °F in summer.

It is exceptionally rich in minerals, containing large deposits of gold, diamonds, and ores of lead, zinc, nickel, adamantine and iron.


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