Garrick the Forger

Garrick was a charismatic leader and first Emperor of Thrann. Born to a powerful chieftain, Garrick quickly learned the arts of war. His thirst for power was as legendary as his skill with the spear – he conquered his first enemy city by his fourteenth birthday. Garrick rallied the humans in the southwest to war and formed his army into a devastating machine of destruction.

Garrick was shrewd in addition to strong. After conquering most of the westlands, Garrick parked his army at the border of the Everwood Forest. Leaving his trusted second-in-command Roland the Fierce, at the head of the army, Garrick ventured into the wood alone. He returned three days later at the head of an army of tiefling 5,000 strong. With their new allies, the Thranns easily subjugated the elves of Everwood.

His cunning helped him solidify the alliance with the dwarves of Fauchard, giving the dwarves citizenship in the Empire and allowing them a level of freedom unprecedented in Thrann. Using their city of Greycliff as a launching point, Garrick went on to subdue the dragonborn of Dharta.

In his last years, however, Garrick became unnerved by his imminent death. He took into his court William the Bald, a self-proclaimed oracle and mouthpiece of the gods. William convinced Garrick to set up an independent citystate at the heart of the empire to be run by a priesthood. There, William would lead a brotherhood of religious men to pray for Garrick’s soul to ascend into heaven and find a place among the gods.

Garrick had several children throughout his life, but only Royce the Quiet survived into adulthood.

Garrick the Forger

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