outlying barbarian tribes

Several regions on the very outskirts of Cambria never were conquered by the Thranns. These include:

The Westlings: located on the north-western islands, the Westlings are a group of clannish, sea-going raiders and bandits. Too focused on inter-clan rivalries to unite, the Westlings spend most of their time raiding each others’ villages, as well as Redwater. A constant thorn in Queen Katrionna’s side, she has attempted to make peace with the raiders for years so she can focus on Bryce, but every time she negotiates with one tribal leader, three others declare war on her. Region H on Map

The Ayoo Tun’I: with a name often butchered by southerners, the Ayoo Tun’I are a race of hearty spearfishermen living on the northeastern bay. Their lands were simply too far north for Garrick to have reached, but have some valuable goods appreciated in the southern lands. Most of their time, though, is spent dealing with the viscous arctic gnolls to the north. Region F on Map

The Children of the Twelve: although they were conquered by Garrick the Forger early in his campaign, the Children of the Twelve refused to be assimilated into Thrannish culture. The eladrin that make up the Children of the Twelve are reclusive and mysterious and want nothing to do with outsiders. Following Dharta’s lead, they seceded from the Empire as soon as they could. Region E on Map

The Valley Kingdoms: the rivers cut steeply into the landscape here, creating a twisting network of valleys and fjords. The tribes here are heavily isolated from each other, making communication difficult and technology lacking. Region G on Map

outlying barbarian tribes

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