Redwater, so named for the rich red clay deposits along the river banks, is the trade capitol of Cambria. Redwater extends north, encompassing the forest of Everwood Forest and all the way south past Blackwater.

Redwater’s capitol city is Riverend, where Queen Katrionna makes her home. The population is about an even mix of humans and elves. Redwater deals in a large variety of exports, including timber, pottery, foodstuffs and skins.

Redwater is plagued with attacks from Westlings, a constant source of annoyance for Katrionna.

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Redwater spans a broad geographical region, from tropical grasslands south of the Kinzig River to savannah and finally the sprawling broadleaf forests of the Everwood

The climate varies, with an average temperature of 80°F and between 11 and 60 inches of rain per year in the south. Everwood sees snow in the winter, but its summers can reach 90°.


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