Royce the Quiet

Royce the Quiet was the only surviving child of Garrick the Forger. After losing several children to disease, Garrick established a royal residence in Blackwater, the town of his birth, and sequestered his queen there for the duration of her pregnancy. Even after Royce’s birth, though, Garrick still feared losing his child and refused to let the boy learn about combat first hand.

Garrick’s intention was to raise Royce as a scholar and diplomat – one who could hold the Empire together after he passed away. Though Royce did become a learned man, he did not possess the natural affinity for leadership like Garrick. His biggest downfall was his inability to take a stand on any issue, and various members of his royal court tended to hold sway over the emperor.

Royce married three times, in an attempt to persuade recalcitrant provinces not to break away. His first son, Bryce the Game, was born to a chieftain’s daughter hailing from the northern plains. Katrionna, the middle child and Royce’s only daughter, was an attempt to placate the elven court of Everwood. Finally, Alden the Dark’s mother was a courtier in the Empire’s court.

On his deathbed, rather than name an heir, Royce divided the empire among his children and instructed them to rule as co-regents. He passed away quietly and was buried with little ceremony in Unkard, next to his father.

Royce the Quiet

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