Gwillym Glendower

A rich merchant of Redwater, whose tactics are sometimes questionable.


Gwillym (WEE-tham) Glendower is a powerful merchant. Most of the year he makes his home in Gull’s Rest, a small village in the southern Harbormouth Baronies, with his wife, Rowen, and his 8-year-old daughter, Morwena. He travels to Unkard four times a year, to oversee his holdings there.

He’s known in Unkard for his rather ruthless business tactics – implicated in a fire that burned down most of the Bazaar 5 years ago, hiring local slum dwellers to sabotage competitors’ stalls, a variety of less-than-legal tactics. He’s also admitted to infidelity, allowing Talara to pose as one of his mistresses.

In spite of this, he’s shown a caring side as well – when his wife and daughter were kidnapped, he was willing to go to any lengths to assure their safety. His retainer, Tiernan the Fat, criticized him for not making more of a profit in the aftermath of the Catastrophe.

Physically, Gwillym is an average-sized man, ranging to slightly overweight. His tanned complexion is travel-worn from his constant treks between home and Unkard. His clothes are functional, rather than stylish, and his eyes always seem to be gleaming and looking for the next opportunity.

Gwillym Glendower

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